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The Marcy massif was metamorphosed to granulite facies conditions, in places preserving igneous textures with metamorphic coronas and is most deformed near its margins. Historically, the relationship between anorthosite emplacement and metamorphism has been controversial, and many workers have argued that anorthosite emplacement coincided with metamorphism. This study presents new in-situ geochronology that constrains the timing of metamorphic mineral growth in Adirondack anorthosite to — Ma.

The Zr source for metamorphic zircon growth was the breakdown of hemoilmenite and is texturally linked to high-pressure mineral assemblages.

GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN, , doi: /​B and Ar/Ar phlogopite dating of the Jose Fernandes Gabbro and mafic dykes. A., , The Oltulelei Formation of the southern Kenyan Rift Valley: A chronicle of Ambrose, S.H., Hlusko, L.J., Kyule, D. and Deino, A.L.,

Mark Schmitz Publications. Books and Book Chapters Schmitz, M. Springer International Publishing, Switzerland, p. Gradstein, F. Elsevier: Boston, pp. Schmitz, M.

Virginia Sisson

Andrea M. Balbas, Aaron M. Barth, Peter U.

American Geophysics Union; The Geological Society of America; American Quaternary Dune-wetland succession at the Manito site in the middle Illinois River Valley and We are working on AMS 14C dating on root residue trapped inside of Wang, H., Hughes, R.E., Steele, J.D., Lepley, S.M., and Tian, J. ()​.

Axel K. Schmitt; Laacher See revisited: High-spatial-resolution zircon dating indicates rapid formation of a zoned magma chamber. Geology ; 34 7 : — Laacher See Germany phonolite eruption. Thus, LLST zircons shortly predate the eruption and yet are not strictly part of the phonolite crystallization sequence. Based on their similarity to zircons in subvolcanic nodules, they are instead interpreted to be scavenged from a precursor syenite intrusion, which implies short a few k.

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Mark Schmitz Publications

Are we entering a modern mass extinction? Comparing the age selectivity of modern extinctions with Phanerozoic background and mass extinctions , Geological Society of America Annual Meeting , Indianapolis, November Accounting for dating uncertainty in paleontological analyses , Geological Society of America Annual Meeting , Seattle, October

Mississippi Valley-type lead-zinc deposits through geological time: Implications from recent age-dating research. DL Leach, DC Bradley, MT RE Wells, ML Miller. Geological Society of America Bulletin (7), , ,

Below is a comprehensive list of publications by BGC scientists. Included are publications by current BGC Faculty arising from prior affiliations elsewhere. If you would like to order reprints email. For reprints, please indicate the full citation including author. Dygert N. Goehring, B. Liu, H.

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San Diego, CA Thomas Rockwell is a nationally and internationally renowned paleoseismologist and structural geologist who has published over articles in major international journals, coauthored a number of book chapters, published 40 papers in conference proceedings and guidebooks, and coauthored over papers presented at professional meetings. Having served as Geology Group Leader for the Southern California Earthquake Center for many years, he is an expert on the tectonics and earthquake hazards of southern California and Baja California, has conducted extensive trenching programs to date earthquakes on faults in the western U.

necke and others, , ) mapped in the Salmon basin and Horse Creek and Lemhi Valleys. GEOLOGIC east-central Idaho: Geological Society of America. Bulletin, v. U-Pb dating of recurrent Cryogenian and Late.

Link to Google Scholar page. Thurston, L. Hydrological Processes, e Broadman, E. Multi-proxy evidence for millennial-scale changes in North Pacific Holocene hydroclimate from the Kenai Peninsula lowlands, south-central Alaska. Quaternary Science Reviews, Konecky, B. Brierley, C. Climate of the Past Discussions.

Patrick M Colgan

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Bonnet, S. and Crave, A. Landscape response to climate change: insights Geological Society of America Bulletin , of Quaternary sediments​: why aliquot size matters in luminescence dating. systems and the development of normal faults: an example from Pleasant Valley, Nevada.

Generally landslide dams which exist for several hundreds to thousands of years are considered as stable. We show with an example from the Argentine Andes that such dams can exist for several thousands of years but still may fail catastrophically. This dam erosion coincides with an important climatic shift towards more humid conditions in the Central Andes. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

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Dr. Kenneth Ridgway

Bacon is a geologist with over 20 years of experience specializing in field investigations associated with the application of basic and applied research in Quaternary geology, geomorphology, and engineering geology related to terrain and geotechnical-site characterizations, landscape evolution, paleoclimate studies, geologic hazards, and archaeological investigations. Recent basic research has focused on the characterization of alluvial, fluvial, and lacustrine depositional environments using geomorphic mapping, sequence stratigraphy, soils, and 14 C and OSL analyses, plus hydrologic modeling within the arid southwestern United States to infer latest Pleistocene and Holocene hydroclimate variability.

Recent applied research has included geomorphic-based predictive terrain modeling of mobility and dust emission hazards for military operations in desert regions, as well as geomorphic characterization of alluvial fan environments for flood hazards. Past field areas that involved studying landscape evolution in alpine to desert environments related to geologic hazards or paleoclimate research include the western U.

Bacon, S. Geologic and geomorphic record of late Pleistocene and Holocene lake levels of Owens Lake, eastern California.

Greg A. Ludvigson, Iowa Geological Survey & University of Iowa continuity of Upper Ordovician strata in eastern North America high-precision 40ArAr dating and correlation of Simo et al., ) and above by a widespread 2 dm-.

Our program has had a long emphasis on undergraduate research as part of their professional development. Below are some of the associated outcomes. Todd, Multiple glacial tills in an exposure along the lower Elkhorn River, Nebraska. Blair A petrographic analysis of potsherds from Tell Hisban, Jordan. Engelhardt , In depth analysis of a portion of the Thetis Regio Highland Region on Venus; a critical comparison of proposed upwelling and downwelling models for highland plateau formation.

Jonsfhorded, Spitsbergen using microstructural analysis and preferred orientations of Tuttle lamellae in quartzites and quartzarenites. Geology Student Research. Our Students Engage in Important Research. Harmon D. Donald T. Secor, Jr.. Shroder, J.

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